Parking at Vancouver Airport – Prices, Coupons and Short and Long term Discounts

Guide to parking at Vancouver Airport with hourly rates, airport parking Coupon for YVR.

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021

There are Seven parking options at the Vancouver Airport, Valet, Economy, Long term, Daily Parkade, Disabled, Park and Fly and offsite parking. Here you will find many of the answers to frequently asked questions about where to park, the price of parking and help finding an Airport Parking Coupon.

Parking Coupons:

Air travel is costly so to help you save some money we have listed below the Airport Parking Coupons for the Vancouver International Airport or YVR for short.

Check back on a regular base as coupon dates change and we update our coupons regularly with the newest airport parking coupon.

Choices for Parking at Vancouver Airport

Valet Parking

Valet parking at Vancouver Airport is operated by Gateway Valet and Concierge. With two booths to serve you one is located in front of the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel and the other is next to the Link building on Level 3. The rates are as follows: Hourly $26.00, Daily $38.00 and weekly rate is $206.00 all taxes are included in the price. For those travelers that are BCAA members contact Gateway Valet and Concierge as there are discount rates for members. This service is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to help serve your needs.

Daily Parkade Parking at Vancouver Airport

This parking option is the closest parkade to the airport and the most expensive.  There are two options to pay, self serve or pay the cashier when you exit. Rates for the self serve, Half hour rate $4.00, Hourly $8.00, Daily $28.00 and Weekly rate of $165.00. Rate for paying at the cashier, Half hour rate $4.50, Hourly $9.00, Daily $30.00 and Weekly rate of $165.00

Economy Parking

This parkade is a little farther from the airport, but it only takes a few minutes to walk to the airport. There are two options to pay, pay the cashier when you exit or express Pay. Rates for paying the Cashier, Half hour rate $4.50, Hourly $9.00, Daily $22.00 and Weekly rate of $130.00. Rate for Express Pay, Half hour rate $4.00, Hourly $8.00, Daily $20.00 and Weekly rate of $130.00.

Long Term Parking

For those that want to get the most value for your money we recommend parking at Airport South. There are two lots the Main lot and the Over flow. Rates for the Main Lot Hourly $3.50, Daily $10.50. Rate for the Overflow Lot Hourly $3.00, Daily $8.50 there is no Weekly rate. The shuttle schedule changes from time to time so check inside the South Terminal Building for times.

Park and Fly at Vancouver Airport

Park n’ Fly is located just 1.5 Km’s from the main terminal and offers 24 hour shuttle service to YVR.

Cell Phone Lot

At present the Vancouver International Airport does not have a Cell Phone lot.

Curbside drop off and pickup at YVR

Passengers at Arrivals

When picking up passengers go to Arrivals located on level two Domestic Arrivals is just past the taxi stand, on your left is the International Arrivals. There is a limited amount of parking spaces to pull over and stop to get your arriving passengers, Parking Officials are there enforcing the rules so confirm that your passengers are there for pickup as there is no parking only immediate pickup of passengers.

Passengers at Departures

To drop passengers of at International or Domestic Departures stop in front of your designated are and immediately drop your passengers off as Parking Officials enforce the no parking rules.

More Questions About YVR Parking?

For more info, please see the parking section of the YVR website.

(Disclaimer: This page is a general guide only – it is NOT the official Vancouver Airport website. Parking rates and procedures at Vancouver Airport are subject to frequent change. Airport Parking accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YVR for updated information.)

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