Parking at Toronto Airport – Coupons – Long Term and Short Term Parking Discount Rates at YYZ

Travelers Guide to parking at Toronto Airport, Cell Phone Lot, Valet, Hourly, Daily Rates and airport parking Coupons for YYZ Airport.

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021
When you drive to YYZ airport cost and were to park you vehicle are of the utmost important.   All prices below are in Canadian dollars, check back regularly for updates on pricing as prices may have changed. This information was updated in 2021.  There are many choices for parking at the Toronto Airport, Valet, Express, Daily, Value and parking at the Cell phone Lot.

Below you will find information on questions about pricing, location and how to find a YYZ Airport Parking Coupon.

Parking Coupons:

You can save money right from the beginning by using an Airport Parking Coupon at the YYZ Airport at all the many different parking options.

Here are some of the Airport Parking Coupons we have listed for Toronto Airport :

There are 6 Choices for Toronto Aiport Parking:

(Please Note: Rates are subject to frequent change – please verify prices with all companies before making any reservations.)

1. Valet

Terminal 1 Valet parking

Curb side Drop off – At Post 11 there is signage that will help you find were to stop and hand over your keys to the attendant how will the park your vehicle in the undercover Parking at Terminal 1.  There is a flat rate of $25.00 plus the additional regular rate for parking.

Getting your Vehicle – Once you have picked up your luggage go to the West Bridge on Level 2 ( the is signage to help direct you to the West Bridge).  Go to the other side of the bridge to Level 5 Parking Garage and see the Custom Service Attendant and he will then get you car for you.

Terminal 3 Valet parking

At the Departures level of terminal 3 ( look for post 15 ) an attendant will the park your car under cover for a Flat rate fee of $ 25.00 plus regular parking rates.

Getting your Vehicle – After getting your luggage go to the International Arrivals area in Terminal 3 take the escalator to Customer Service below on your right hand side.

2. Daily Parking

Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Rates are $3.00 for every 20 minutes, and  $28.00 is the daily maximum, you can park for a week at a cost of $140.00

3. Express Parking

Terminal 1 is the only terminal to have this kind of parking and you can park for a maximum of 4 hours, the rates are $3.00 every 20 minutes.

4. Value Parking

Park your vehicle away from the elements indoors  at the value parking garage, for only $3.00 every 20 minutes and the total maximum is $ 21.00 per day.  Just go to 6145 Viscount Road, park your vehicle then take the “Link Train” to the terminal you will be using. The price for the train is FREE and open 24 hrs.

5. Cell Phone Parking Lot

Toronto Airport is happy to have for there customers a Cell Phone lot, this is were you can wait for your visitors to arrivae and then call you to pick them up. Do not leave your vehicle or have the vehicle running and the rate “THE BEST it’s ……..FREE”. Your maximum stay is 60 minutes and if you need to stay longer just exit and re enter the lot.

6. Value Parking Lot

Your vehicle is parked outdoors at 6135 Airport Road and after parking take the “LInk Train” to your terminal. At a rate of $15.00 per day or $3.00 every 20 minutes this lot is a great value.

Disabled parking at YYZ

For those with limited mobility the Toronto Airport has Disabled parking at the following areas, Value Lot, Terminal 1 and 3 and the Value Parking Garage.  Just look for the marked stalls for disabled only at these lots.

Drop off and pickup locations at YYZ

There is curbside drop off at the 1 and 3 terminal near the Departures and Arrivals level.  These areas are for drop off and pick up only donot exit vehicle or park your vehicle as you will emediatly get ticketed or they will tow your vehicle at your expense.

More Questions About YYZ Parking?

For more info, please see the parking section of the YYZ website.

(Disclaimer: This page is a general guide only – it is NOT the official Toronto Airport website. Parking rates and procedures at Toronto Airport are subject to frequent change. Airport Parking accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YYZ for updated information.)

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