Parking at Ottawa Airport – Discounts, Coupons on all Short and Long term Parking at YOW

Guide to parking at Ottawa Airport with coupons, hourly rates and Discounts for YOW Airport Parking.

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021

If your travel plans include going to Ottawa Airport, then having information on parking at Ottawa Airport is good to know.  This information was updated in 2021.  The following prices are all in Canadian Funds; prices below can and do change often so check back before making your trip to YOW.

There are many choices for parking at Ottawa Airport, Short term, Long term parking, BizPark parking and many offsite parking lots.

Parking Coupons:

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Here are the Airport Parking Coupons now available for YOW that we have found:

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Choices for Parking at Ottawa Airport:

(Please Note: Rates are subject to frequent change – please verify prices with all companies before making any reservations)

Priority Valet at YOW

Many airports have Valet parking, at this time Ottawa Airport does not have this option for parking at YOW, we hope that soon there will be valet parking at this airport.

Short Term Parking at YOW

P2 parking is the best place to park for short term parking at Ottawa Airport, with its convenient location and ease of access to the terminal, this is our first choice for short term parking at YOW.  The rates for parking are good; if you are staying a short time it will cost you $2.00 for every 15 minutes with a maximum cost of $18.00 per day.

Long Term Parking at YOW

P4 Parkade is farther away from the terminal, it will take you about 7 minutes to walk to the terminal at YOW from here.  The short term rates are the same as P2 at $2.00 for 15 minutes, you will save a few dollars if you are staying for 24 hrs as the daily rates is $14.00 per day.  If your trip will be longer the rate for 7 days is only $65.00 for the week.

Paying for Parking at Ottawa Airport:

Parking Kiosks

New to Ottawa Airport are Kiosks to prepay for parking before you leave the airport.  They are located in the Lobbies of the Parkades on the firsts and third level.  Payment can be made with your ticket at these kiosks with cash or credit card; this is a fast and convenient way to pay for a quick and easy way out of the airport Parkade.


Frequent flyers will want to use the BizPark system, by using the AVI transponder from BizPark in your vehicle you can come and go with no time wasted waiting in line to pay for parking.  Payments are automatically billed directly to your credit card each time you use the Parkade.

Disabled or Handicap Parking Ottawa Airport

For those needing Handicap or Disabled parking at Ottawa Airport there are many spots conveniently located at P2 and P4 for those with a valid accessible parking permit.  Arrivals and Departures have areas at curbside for a maximum 20 minute parking for the disabled. You may leave your car at these spot to help with passengers that need assistance to get too or from the terminal as long as you have a valid accessible parking permit displayed.  If you do not have a pass you may contact the Parking Administration Office prior to your arrival to request a pass at 613-248-2000 ext. 1197, 613-248-2000 ext. 1135 or 613-248-2075 ext. 2

Curbside drop off or pickup at YOW

To pickup or drop off passengers at the arrivals or departures, curbside is fast and convenient but all vehicles must not be left unattended as you will be ticketed with a large fine.  To avoid this we suggest going to the short term Parkade, if you are able to make your pickup or drop off and exit the Parkade in under 15 minutes you will not be charged.

Cell Phone Lot at Ottawa Airport

At this time there is no Cell phone lot at YOW, we hope that the transportation department at Ottawa Airport makes this option available soon, this would cut down on traffic and pollution from vehicles driving around the airport waiting for their guests to arrive.

More Questions About YOW Parking?

For more info, please see the parking section of the YOW website.

(Disclaimer: This page is a general guide only – it is NOT the official Ottawa Airport website. Parking rates and procedures at Ottawa Airport are subject to frequent change. Airport Parking accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YEG for updated information.)

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