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Information on parking at Montreal Airport Hourly rates, Short term parking, Parking Coupon for Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021
If you are going to be travelling to the Montreal Airport, parking information is what you need to know before you arrive.  Here’s the latest on Montreal Airport Parking for 2019.  Prices are in Canadian funds, prices and information may change.  What kind of parking is available, there is ValetParc, HotelParc, ExpressParc, ProxiParc, and EconoParc.

Below you will find information on Parking Coupons, Discount Rates, Long and short term parking and Disabled parking at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport.

Parking Coupons at YUL:

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5 Choices for Parking at Montreal Airport YUL:

(Please Note: Rates are subject to frequent change – please verify prices with all companies before making any reservations)

There are five choices for parking at Montreal Airport from Valet Parking, Express Parking, Indoor Parking and Long Term Parking. Below you will find the locations and proximities to the airport terminal included are the hourly and daily parking rates. This information will help you to be informed as to the cost and location of the parking lots at YUL to help you to make your choice of parking prior to leaving for the airport.


The Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport has the convenience of Valet Parking. Though it can be costly at $30.00 for however long your there within a 24 hour period.


This parking lot is located below the U.S. check-in. This is a dry heated indoor lot. The rates are $6.00 for the first 30 min. and $24.00 for the day.


There are two areas to park for ExpressParc. One is at the domestic flight zone, here you will find three parking areas and the other is located at the international flight zone where there are six parking areas. All ExpressParc is ground level and convenient for picking up and dropping off passengers at YUL. The parking rates are $4.00 for the first 20 min. and you can park for the day for $45.00.


There are eight parking areas in the domestic flight zone at YUL and eight in the international zone. The parking rate is $6.00 for the first 30 min. and $24.00 for the day. This is where you should park if you have limited mobility but be advised you will pay full price. You can then be reimbursed what it would of cost if you had parked at the EconoPark lot. Mail or fax a copy of your parking receipt and a copy of your parking certificate from the SAAQ to: Parking Products, Aeroports de Montreal, 975 Romeo-Vachon Blvd. North, Suite 317 Dorval, PQ Fax: 514-633-3472


This parking lot is your least expensive choice, it is good if you wish to park for a long period of time. It conveniently has a 24 hour shuttle service. The rates are $15.00 for the day and $77.00 a week.

Disabled Parking at Montreal Airport:

There is limited parking at YUL for disabled or those with limited mobility, but for those needing these places to park one of the best choices is to park at the ProxiParc, it is close to the terminal making it easier for those that have difficulty getting around. Discount parking rates apply at this lot see the section under ProxiParc that explains how to get your discounted parking rate.

Passenger Pick up and Drop off at YUL

There are specific areas designated for pick up and drop off of passengers at YUL on the domestic and international levels. Be sure you do not get out or leave your vehicle as airport marshals may ticket or tow your car for parking infractions. Your passenger should be ready when you drive up to exit or enter your vehicle as quickly as possible so you can leave this area promptly.

Cell Phone Lot:

At this time there is currently no cell phone lot available for parking at Montreal Airport / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Hopefully in the near future they will make one available as it would make it a lot easier for those picking up passengers as they could just sit in their car and wait for their arriving passenger to call and then they could drive up to the designated pick up area and exit the airport in a fast and convenient way. This would alleviate congestion at YUL  airport and less confusion driving around looking for your passenger.

More Questions About YUL Parking?

For more info, please see the parking section of the YUL website.

(Disclaimer: This page is a general guide only – it is NOT the official Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport website. Parking rates and procedures at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport are subject to frequent change. Airport Parking accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YUL for updated information.)

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