Parking at Edmonton Airport – Coupons, Prices and Short and Long term Discounts at YEG

Guide to parking at Edmonton Airport with hourly rates, airport parking Coupon for YEG.

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021
If you are going to be driving to YEG, then information on parking is something you will need to know about.  This information was updated in 2019.  All prices are in Canadian dollars, prices may change so please check back often. When Parking at Edmonton Airport you have many parking choices Priority Valet, Easy Parkade, Value Park, YouPark, Wepark, Cell Lot and offsite parking.

We have provided all the answers to your questions on pricing, location and how to finding a YEG Airport Parking Coupon

Parking Coupons:

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Here are the Airport Parking Coupons we have found for parking at Edmonton Airport:

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6 Choices for Parking at Edmonton Airport:

(Please Note: Rates are subject to frequent change – please verify prices with all companies before making any reservations)

Priority Valet at YEG

If you want to start off your trip in comfort then use Priority Valet and Concierge service, they treat you like royalty and at a reasonable price starting at $30.00 per day for Parking at Edmonton Airport. They have a wide variety of services and options to choose from.  Drive up to curbside and they will park your car and assist you with your luggage and help you with your check-in. While you are away you can have them fuel up your car, change your oil and filter or come home to a Freshly washed car.

Want something done for you personally, they will buy you flowers, have your clothes dry cleaned even get you your groceries all this will be waiting for you on your return.  When you arrive back from your trip just exit the terminal and your car is waiting at the curb for you.

Parkade Park

If you’re looking for a good place for Parking at Edmonton Airport to drop off or pick up passengers at a reasonable price then this Parkade is just what you want.   YEG Parkade Park is the closest to the terminal of all parking lots making it easy for passengers to get to their vehicle and go.  Well lit with security patrolling the lot giving you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle and contents are safe and secure.

There are two ways to pay, Self serve and at the Exit cashier.

Self Serve

Save money by Parking at Edmonton Airport and paying at one of the many PAY&GO kiosks located in the arrivals area, departures level and near the Parkade elevators.  After you pay you have 25 min. to exit and please keep your ticket receipt. The rates for PAY&GO are $3.00 for 30 min. with a daily maximum of $21.00 for 24 hrs. away for the week pay only $105.00 for 7 days for parking at Edmonton Airport.

Exit Cashier at YEG

Parking at Edmonton Airport Cashier Rates for 30 min. is $3.75 with a daily maximum of $25.00 for 24 hrs. weekly rate of $125.00 for 7 days.

Value Park at YEG

This Parkade is a little farther from the terminal than all the others but features a FREE Shuttle to the terminal, you just press the help button upon arrival and a shuttle will be sent to the shuttle reserved area.   The Value Park lot at YEG is fully secure and regularly patrolled by security giving you peace of mind knowing your property is safe while you are away.

Self Serve

Rates are less if you use the  PAY&GO kiosks $2.50 for 30 min. the daily rate is $13.00, weekly rate at $60  and $180.00 per month.

Exit Cashier

Parking at Edmonton Airport and paying at the cashier booths on exit rates are more, 30min. for $3.00, daily rate $15.00, weekly rate $75.00 and $225.00 per month.  The longer you stay the more you want to use the PAY&GO kiosks to save you time and money.

Disabled Parking at Edmonton Airport

There are parking spaces at YEG for the disabled, they are located at the Easy Parkade lot with ramps and elevators to the departures level.  Value Park is farther away but also has parking for those needing disabled parking stalls included is a FREE SHUTTLE with a wheelchair lift.

Curbside pickup and drop off at YEG

Curbside Parking at Edmonton Airport can be expensive at a rate of $6.00 for the first 10 min. and then it jumps to $6.00 for every additional 5 min. and you can only stay 20 min. maximum. Do not park without paying Traffic Control will ticket you, so when you park immediately get out of your vehicle look at the number of your stall and pay at the Pay Stations.

Cell Phone Lot

Located near the JetSet lot Southside is where drivers can park and wait up to a maximum of 45 min. for passengers to arrive.  Your Guests should exit the terminal and wait at the designated Cell Phone passenger loading zone then call you, after receiving their call drive up to this area and load your guests and luggage into your vehicle for a fast exit away from the terminal at YEG.

JetSet Parking

JetSet parking offers two parking options, 1 – YouPark and 2 – Wepark.  Located at 3591 – 31 Street East park there and use their 24 hr. shuttle to take you to YUL.

How do I use YouPark?

Just pull into the lot find a place to park and with 1,700 parking space that won’t be difficult, then use the self serve kiosk and wait for the shuttle to take you to the terminal.  Rates for YouPark $9.50 a day and $47.50 per week

How do I use Wepark?

Pull into the lot up to the main building and stop at the curb, exit your vehicle with your luggage and they will park your car while you wait for the shuttle to the terminal.  Flying on Westjet?  No problem there is two Westjet counters to help you check in and leave your luggage with a Westjet agent.  Rates for Wepark $13.50 a day and $67.50 per week.

More Questions About YEG Parking?

For more info, please see the parking section of the YEG website.

(Disclaimer: This page is a general guide only – it is NOT the official Edmonton Airport website. Parking rates and procedures at Edmonton Airport are subject to frequent change. Airport Parking accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YEG for updated information.)

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