Parking at Calgary Airport – Coupons, Short and Long term Parking Discounts at YYC

Guide to parking at Calgary Airport with hourly rates, Valet, Cell Phone Lot and airport parking Coupon for YYC Airport.

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021
If you’re planning to travel to YYC, then parking is something you’ll need to know about before you arrive.  This is the latest on Calgary Airport parking in 2019.  Prices are in Canadian funds; remember parking lot information and prices may change so check back regularly.  When Parking at Calgary Airport you have a many parking choices Valet, Economy, Long term, Short term, Cell Phone Lot, Over height, Disabled and offsite parking.

You will find all the answers to your questions on where to park, price and help finding an Airport Parking Coupon at YYC.

Parking Coupons for YYC:

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7 Choices for Parking at Calgary Airport:

(Please Note: Rates are subject to frequent change – please verify prices with all companies before making any reservations)

Valet Parking

For those that want to use the Valet parking at Calgary Airport use Auto Stop Valet  contact them before you arrive their phone number is 403-735-7430


Short Term Parking at Calgary Airport

The location of the short term parking at YYC is at the ground level of each parking garage.  Parking here is great for those that are picking up or dropping off passengers as this is close to the airport terminal and the first 30 min. is free.

Parking rates are free for the first 30 min. the next 30 min. you are charged $6.00 and the maximum daily rate is $35.00 making this the most expensive place to park if you are parking more than 30 min.


Economy Parking at YYC

To save money you only have to walk a short distance from the terminal to the economy parking lot, located just behind the Taxi waiting area north of the Airport Road.  Located in the lot are complimentary luggage carts making your walk easier and less physical as you are not having to carrying your luggage the short distance to or from the terminal.  The parking rates for this lot is $2.50  for 30 min. with a daily max. of $9.95 weekly parking is reasonable at a rate of $39.95 for the week, the maximum length of time you can stay at this lot is 60 days and is not recommended as there are better and less expensive places to park if you need to stay over 60 days.


Long Term Parking

Parking on Levels P1 and P2 is one of the best places to park if you are staying longer than 30 min. at YYC.  Parking in P2 is cheaper than P1 here are the rates for P1 and P2.

P1 Parking Rates

YYC Parking rates for P1 is $4.00 for each 30 min.  $24.00 is the daily rate and $99.00 is the weekly rate. 

P2 Parking Rates

P2 has cheaper rates, $3.50 for each 30 min. if you are parking for 24 hrs the daily rate is $21.00 and the weekly parking rate is $59.00, this is a saving of $40.00 over parking in P1 for the week.


Over Height Vehicle Parking

There is a designated area for Over height parking at Calgary Airport.  Located close to the Terminal and just across from the P1 parade, the rates are reasonable.  Parking for 30 min. is FREE after that the rate is $4.00 every 30 min. after the first 30 min.  The daily parking rate at YYC is $24.00 daily or 24hrs. and at a rate of $99.00 for the week.  This is the same rate as you would get parking a regular sized vehicle in the Long Term Parking Lot on P1


Disabled Parking at Calgary Airport

For those with limited mobility or find it hard to get around Calgary Airport ( YYC ) has Designated spots for handicapped only parking,  this makes travel easier and less difficult for those passengers needing these parking locations. Disabled parking stalls are located in the Short term parking, this the most convenient place to park at YYC with stalls located next to the North and South elevators on P2 and P4 for fast and easy transportation to the main terminal.


Cell Phone Lot

Many airports have a Cell Phone Lot for motorists to park and wait for passengers to arrive so as easy the congestion around the terminals.  Calgary Airport ( YYC ) now has a Cell Phone lot for this purpose making pickup easier.  The cost to park in the Cell Phone Lot …FREE!  Located on the North side of Airport Road with the purple and white signs designating this lot makes this airport an easy place to arrive early and wait for your passengers.

How do I use the Cell Phone Lot?

Once you have parked in the Cell Phone Lot at YYC your passengers then will call you and tell you that they have picked up their luggage and are now ready to be picked up.   Your passengers would then wait in the designated area on the arrivals level curb, the area is colour coded Cell Phone Lot waiting area.  After your passengers calls letting you know they are waiting at the pickup area you would drive to the Arrivals area for a fast and convenient pickup. One thing Do not leave your car while parked at the YYC Cell Phone Lot, all cars must be parked and the driver must remain in the car at all times or they will ticket and or tow your vehicle.


Passenger Drop Off

The best place to drop off passengers at YYC is at the Short Term Parking Lot, this lot is close to the terminal and is free for the first 30 min.


Payment Options

Express Pay Stations credit card payment, credit card payment at the Parking Lot exit or Cash or Debit Card at the three toll booths at the exit of the parking lots.

Express Pay Stations

Before leaving the Arrivals area at YYC look for the 24 Hr. Express Pay Stations, many a located around this area and are also in the elevator lobbies of the parking Lots.  Just put in your parking ticket and a credit card and pay that’s it.  This is the fastest way to pay and then exit the parking lot to get you and your passenger on your way.


Credit Card Payment at the Exit

Many times we leave our parking ticket in the vehicle so we can’t use the Express Pay Stations, we can still exit the parking lot quickly by using a credit card.  When exiting the parking lot proceed to the gate arm insert our ticket and pay with a credit card, the arm will raise telling you that the credit card has been accepted and you can get your receipt and now leave the parking lot.


Cashier Toll Booth

The three Toll Booths are located at the exit of the parking area, they accept Debit or Cash for your parking payment.


More Questions About YYC Parking?

For more info, please see the parking section of the YYC website.

 (Disclaimer: This page is a general guide only – it is NOT the official Calgary Airport website. Parking rates and procedures at Calgary Airport are subject to frequent change. Airport Parking accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YYC for updated information.)

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