Canadian Airports

 How to find an Airport Parking Coupon in Canada

By Darrin Robertson APC Editor – Updated: January 3, 2021
There are International and local airports in Canada where we have found an Airport Parking Coupon and Discount parking rates, this and other Discounts will help cut the cost of your trip. Just follow the information below to the different sources to help you save time and money on your next trip out of any International or local airport in Canada.

The Province of British Columbia has  major cities with International airports  and many smaller cities with local airports.

When travelling from the Vancouver area your best choice would be to fly out of YVR, if you are parking at the airport you will need a Vancouver Airport Parking Coupon to cut the cost of parking.  Another choice would be to fly out of Abbotsford, depending on your location this new airport maybe closer than you think, saving you time and money.  Using an Abbotsford Airport Parking Coupon can help with your travel budget when parking at YXX.

Living on Vancouver Island, you can travel to Vancouver and fly out of YVR or go to Victoria and use the international airport YYJ.   If you are stay on Vancouver Island and using the Victoria Airport you will need to get a Victoria Airport Parking Coupon.

The Province of Alberta has two major cites Calgary and Edmonton, Calgary is located 298 KM south of Edmonton and both have International Airports.

Calgary or YYC is in the southern part of Alberta, parking at YYC you will want to use a  Calgary Airport Parking Coupon  there are also Discount rates on long and short term parking at YYC, discount rates and using a parking coupon will help you save money.

Edmonton is North of Calgary, parking rates at YEG are reasonable and there are many parking spaces close to the terminal, using an Edmonton Airport Parking Coupon makes it even less money to park at YEG.

The province of Manitoba has one International airport that is located in the city of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg International Airport or YWG is the largest airport in Manitoba,  parking here is easy, convienent and the prices are very good but having a Winnipeg Airport Parking Coupon makes it that much cheaper to park for short or long periods of time.

Province of Saskatchewan “The land of the Living Skies” is just north of the State of North Dakota in the United States of America.

YXE or Saskatoon Airport is the only International airport in Saskatchewan, there are over 1100 parking stalls and has the cheapest rates for parking in Canada, using a Saskatoon Airport Parking Coupon will help lower the cost for those looking to park for an extended time.

The Province of Ontario has 5 International Airports, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Toronto and Waterloo helping travellers fly out of Ontario to their Domestic or International destination.

Hamilton or YHM airport has many long and short term places to park, looking for a discount use a Hamilton Airport Parking Coupon.

London or YXU is another of the international airports where using a London Airport Parking Coupon will lower your travel expenses.

Ottawa or YOW parking is pricy but using an Ottawa Airport Parking Coupon makes parking here reasonable.

Thunder Bay or YQT has over a 1000 parking stalls using a Thunder Bay Airport Parking Coupon will help you save time and money.

Toronto or YYZ is the most expensive place to park in Canada we have found off-site parking discount rates and have a Toronto Airport Parking Coupon for you to use at this International airport.

Waterloo or YKF is an international airport that has many travelers looking for a Waterloo Airport Parking Coupon to offset their travel expenses.

The Largest Province in Canada is Quebec, there are 2 major cites Montreal and Quebec City.

Montreal or YUL has many places in the area with long and short term parking discounts, if you are planning to park at the airport than using a Montreal Airport Parking Coupon will help lower your parking cost.

Quebec or YQB parking rates are very reasonable but saving money with a Quebec Airport Parking Coupon will help you save money on parking.

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